In the last years photography has been some sort of hobby to me. When sewing became my job, I needed to have a new hobby, and the need to have some pictures of my costumes ith specific needs for this website brought me to start working behind the camera.

I am no professional, however I am receiving requests to shoot others. I usually make casting calls with very specific requirements, for my personal projects, and many were left out.

So I decided to give everyone the chance to have a portrait made, with my style.

The following fees are for studio photography. I usually shoot in Maserà di Padova. I can shoot elsewhere as long as travel costs and time are paid.

Should you be interested in shooting outside, the cost will increase. If interested, please let me know using the contact from in this website or an email.


Fees include basic makeup and hairstyling. The presence of hairstylists, make-up artitsts, stylists and other artists can be requested (their fee has to be calculated separately and is not included in these prices).


No costume rental required (your own costume, casual wear, nude, only one outfit and stling):

– 1 photo 50 euros

– 2 photos 75 euros

– 3 photos 88 euros

– 5 photos 100 euros


One outfit rented:

– 1 photo 60 euros

– 2 photos 90 euros

– 3 photos 105 euros

– 5 photos 120 euros


Two outfits rented:

– 1 photo for each outfit 135 euros

– 2 photos for each outfit 200 euros

– 3 photos for each outfit 240


These numbers indicate the number pf postproduced shots that will be delivered in digital format. No other images will be delivered.

Here you can see some of my works. If you’d like to see more, you can have a look at @siluna.portraits on Instagram.