Athenais dress


The finest silk and the brightest colors have been summoned to create an exquisite dress inspired by Godward’s paintings.

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Fan of our Sybil dress?

This is the Athenais version. It’s inspired by the painting Athenais, by Godward, and adds to the garment the luxury of the finest silk.

The garment is sheer, hand dyed with the shiniest colors, and the pearly surface of the silk will make you shimmer like a goddess. The fabric is impalpable, like wearing a cloud or a breeze, and such is the joy of feeling it against your bare skin.

Spray it with water, to pose as one of Phidias models, or as a Marveilleuse at the beginning of the 19th century.

It makes a lovely negligée, but it can also be worn on top of other garments, or as undergarment with one of our Sybils.

This is one size only. It’s extra wide, and extra long.

I will only make one of these per color. And one per time. By purchasing this listing you’ll get a deep malachite green, perfect to contrast with the palest skin, or to enhance the subtle warm tones of the darkest one. Only one available in this shade.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm