Cupid wig- 18th century


A tete-de-mouton wig, ready to ship, in dark ash blonde, powdered. Ideal for mid-18th century outfits.

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I present you the Cupid wig. A lovely 18th century inspired wig, front lace, high quality synthetic hair.

Inspired by mid 18th century hairstyles, this can be a nice and original touch for any 1730 to 1760s outfit. An less seen variation of the tete-de-mouton styling.

It’s a powdered dark ash blond front lace wig, for a grey, yet natural looking effect.

Even if styling your own hair is fun, sometimes you just need to be ready in ten minutes or to change into something else without having to wash your hair. Or wake up later in the morning. A wig is just what you need.

Here it has been worn with the lace folded back, uncut, and edited off with photo editing to allow you to see the result of the wig when worn, with the lace trimmed. It will be shipped with the lace to be trimmed. The lace has a light brown color. Can be trimmed close to the edge and covered with makeup to reach your skintone. Can get to both lighter and darker hues, if a proper high coverage foundation is used.

Want to wake up and be ready in your costume without having to spend hours in styling your hair? This 18th century wig is just what you need! I’ve worn my hair short for years, even pixie length and fully shaved head: wigs allowed me to easily achieve historical styles without having to keep my real hair extra long.