The Dead Princess dress



One thing is sure: you LOVED the Dead Princess dress. The renaissance-ish thing in dark grey velvet brocade.

The shape of the foundation is something new, and I designed it to shape the figure much better and with much more comfort than stays…and to make your waist tiny! The way the skirt is set in enhances this even more so, and it’s something studied especially for that purpose.

Long story short, the goal of the dress is fabulousness, not historical accuracy.
What I am offering there is a replica of this dress… with differences: I will keep the same pattern of the bodice and the skirt, but some thing can have variations, such as the sleeves pattern, and the overall amount of trims and decorations.

Every dress will have a different fabric or color. The one I used is no longer available.

You will be able to choose between brocades and shot dupion silk. I will go to a trusted local seller that always has a lovely range of vintage fabrics and the most delicious brocades and I will show you the ones that could work for the dress. Some of the fabrics they offer will be within the price you’ll see in the shop, others will require you to cover the extra cost.

Shot silk will be available in many colors and within the base range.

Pricing​ and details


Undergarments such as shift and quilted petticoat are not included.

Payment plans are available upon request.

Full weathering service for the whole dress is also available.

You will need to be available for fittings via video-call, or in person.

I will need at least 6 months to make the dress (counted from the day I have both the fabrics in my hands and at least half of the total cost).

Shipping fee will need to be calculated according to the final weight: brocades can be very heavy, while dupion is usually lighter. With dupion you would probably remain within the standard shipping rate for full costumes in the shop. With brocades…depends on the brocade.



Please email at [email protected] to commission the shift

The silk organza shift will come 550 euros. Comes in ivory, pink or black. It is one size fits all, and is adjustable with drawstrings. I make it made in silk organza and embellished with silver or gold cords.

If dyed in other colors, the cost will be 620 euros, and you can even choose to have the garment ombré dyed or lightly weathered, with this option.

Under my Lucrezia Borgia dress I use this shift as well, therefore if you have a similar costume planned (or plan to commission one from me) one undergarment can work for both and save you some money.

How long will this dress remain available?

If you plan on getting this dress, don’t wait long.

Remember the courtesan? And the 18th century velvet gown? Some requests for those keep coming in. Many of them came out of the lab, until I’ve grown tired of remaking the same thing. I am a creative person and there is a limit to how many times I am willing to remake the same thing in a different color. So I will be offering this new dress… until I grow tired of it. May happen after I make two, may happen after twenty. I have no way to know. I have warned you!