Haunted Relic nightgown


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Victorian influence, black, sensual and soft sheer tulle, romantic giant sleeves and thousands of black pearls. What do you want more?

Well, a cursed gem that lights from the inside with a skull-shaped demon taking form when you summon it.


Just in time for Halloween, this dress is ideal to be worn over your corset or lingerie of choice to create a dramatic and sexy look for your halloween party. Or maybe nude underwear, or even a nude color slip dress, if you don’t feel confident in showing more.


Haunted Relic is Unicum n°3, a numbered one of a kind item I will not replicate.



The guimpe collar is lightly boned ad the back, and it’s made from a black lace with a 3d organza ribbon motif. Among the folds of said ribbon there are more or less two thousands of pearls in various sizes and textures, which you can also find at the end of the delicately gathered sleeves. The top of the sleeves takes from 1895 fashion and a layer of silk organza and soft crinoline inflate the same soft tulle of the rest of the dress. Under the neck, the pearls imprison a resin gem, with a hidden LED light on the inside, which you can turn on and off as you wish. When the light is off, you can see the gem, when the light is on, the details of the skull appear.

The dress is extra long, and closes at the back following the pattern of the lace.



The most restrictive part of this dress are the sleeves and wrists, as I wanted them to be tight fitting.

The length of the sleeve is of 60cm, while the maximum width at the wrist is of 19cm (the width you have to pass your hand through). The base of the neck is of 34 cm.

You can open the wrist and add hooks and eyes after you get the dress, if you wish to have one or two centimeters more.

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Placing the order on time is your responsibility, and I deny any liability for any delay caused by couriers.

The best way to make sure this garment is in your hands on time is to order way ahead.


In photo: Chiara Ghioni

Photos: Siluna Portraits