Lake gown


Replica of Padmé’s Lake Gown

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This is a very special costume for me.

I have made more or less six versions of it, in order to refine, improve and perfect every detail.

At the moment I think my version is the most accurate on the market, and the perfect proportions of the jewels, as well as the quality of the silk fabric and ribbons are something you won’t find elsewhere.


The fabric parts are all in silk, as in the original. The 3d printed jewels are finished with mother of pearl, as in the original, and I thoroughly worked side by side with the 3d modeler with a special technique to get the accurate shape and size, which is something you really don’t see in other costumes. It took weekd to get to that level of accuracy, and several prototypes.

The ribbon edging the dress is custom made to match the original. It costs 200 euros plus shipping plus taxes alone. The techniques used to sew the garment and the specific cut of the inner gown come from special pictures of the exhibits.

Finding the right beads for the fringes and the right materials for the flower brooches took years.

Except for the 3d printed parts, everything is made by my hand, in my laboratory.

Being the dress made from silk, it moves in ways the synthetic ones could only dream of. And it doesn’t have the cut inaccuracies of the factory made ones, due to the years of research and my attention to detail.

This dress is a dream.

It’s been purchased by many brides already, some of them had it custom dyed for their wedding, with other colors.

The matching front lace wig is available on request.


Payment plans are available. Please send an email to to know more.


This dress needs two months to get the supplies to the laboratory. After that, three months of crafting time are needed as minimum. If you have a deadline, please write me before placing the order: according to the orders line it might take longer, and it’s not always possible to pay for rush fees.


To ensure the perfect fit we will have a videocall, where I’ll personally guide you through the process of measuring yourself. We will discuss undergarments and shoes. Finishing a dress such as this without trying it on is almost impossible: the arm parts have to fit to perfection to stay up, and the neck has to be adjusted to the right position to allow the perfect fit. So you will have to add a couple of snaps or hook and eyes by yourself.


The whole dress is dyed by hand. I have years of experience in ombré dyeing for this dress. However, being the dress made by human hand as the original, and not printed by a computer, minor dots or barely visible striping could be present. They usually blend in within a couple of washes, they’re not visible while wearing, during to the movement of the dress. These small details prove that your costume comes from an italian artisan laboratory, and make it unique.


Many of my gowns have been approved by Rebel Legion. Many. I make my gowns to the best of my abilities and knowledge, and to reach screen accuracy. To my knowledge, these are the best available for purchase. But approval is also up to how you wear the costume, how you do your hair and such. So approval it’s up to you, and I am unable to grant it by default.


This costume is sold as one piece. Having the jewels, the brooches or just the fabric made for you will not be possible.

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Dimensions 25 × 27 × 12 cm