Padmé purple senate dress


Costume replica of Padmé’s purple senate dress from the second prequels movie

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This is probably one of the most complex of the dresses I made from Padmé’s wardrobe. It took me more than two years to complete the embroidery and the dyeing in my spare time.

But it has been a dream for a long time, and now I can make this dream available to others, as I have found a continuous source for the fabric.

Please note than while many other selling this dress on etsy and such only post images of the original, here you can actually see how the finished costume will look like!



On the outside you can find more than 10 meters of silk-rayon velvet dyed to match the original. Every single piece is reinforced and backed with other fabric, and piped with purple satin.

The stomacher, sleeves, skirt and tabard are made of cotton satin, again dyed to match.

I do the emrboidery with either soutache or gimp, and silver thread. The dark sequins and beads are iridescent as in the original.

It is also possible to upgrade the satin parts to silk gazar, which is closer to the original fabric.


You will also need

Before we start with this, you will need to have a hoopskirt with the right shape, a petticoat, possibly made from wilted fabric, and a proper corset.

The best corset for this dress, and the one I am wearing underneath, is THIS.


Not included

I do not include undergarments, shoes, jewelry and the headdress.



I make all of this by myself. We will require at least one fitting of the mock-up, and embroidery takes a huuuge amount of time.

I will need at least one year since I have your measurements, to make this dress.


Measurements and fitting

Once you will place your order, I will send you a video tutorial and a list of the measurements I will need.

From that I will produce a mock-up and ship it to you. You will try it during a videocall and ship it back at your expenses. One mock-up fitting is included in the cost. More may be needed, as this dress is very complex, and the number can vary. The following mock-up shippings will be added to the cost of the dress.

If you can come to Padova in person, it would be ideal. But it’s not strictly required.


Payment plans

As this is a complex project and the price reflects that, I offer payment plans. Please email me at [email protected] to know more.

For any doubts, please email me!


This will be the last dress of this type I will make.


*though my own dress was approved for Rebel Legion, the main focus of my work is accuracy, not making these costumes for approval.