Queen of the Ashes crown


A crown for a dragon queen.

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After the success and the love received by my own crown, I decided to make it available for others!

Mine was made of a plastic I was not fond of. It was an experiment, and in matter of durability it was not the ideal material. It took some research, but in the end I came out with a very light material that won’t have the problems of my own prototype.

The new crowns are made of different “bones”, built on a circlet. Due to their shape, they need to be adjusted on the final wearer. Having a wig or using the crown on its own can alter the angle of them, and if I glued them all…it might not adjust correctly. The bones are free to swing, so they perfectly adapt to the shape of what they’re worn on. They also can be moved: all forward to get a tiara-like effect, or evenly separated as you see here. With mine…I can’t do it and I regret it.

One of the things I love doing the most is to style my hair on top of the crown pieces, to hide the circlet and create the illusions of bones coming out of the head of the character.

It is not very simple to put on. But should you decide for a style and a specific angle, you will be able to place each piece as you want.