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Grey silk velvet and tulle corset dress


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This is your last chance to get your hands on it, for a special price!

The outfit is made of a steel boned corset (all double bones), made from sturdy coutil, with all a corset needs to cinch you to perfection. It’s covered in silk rayon velvet, a very peculiar one I had found years ago and cherished for a long time before using. It’s dark grey, with lighter grey parts following the direction of the satin ropes used as embellishment.
The corset is smooth-covered, which means there is no visible seam on it: you will not see any panel seam from the outside and it will look like a proper garment, with the shape benefits of a corset. The back eyelets are hand sewn, there are no metal grommets, and it closes with spiral lacing, detai inspired by my experience in historical costuming.
The skirt features a long cotton satin layer, ombré dyed, overlayed with the softest black tulle.
I will include a couple of opera length velvet mittens, which will need to be adjusted to the size of the wearer.

Everything has been weathered to give the costume the look of something that has belonged to the wearer for centuries:re are whitened parts, darkened ones, burnt ones, and details made with a special relief paste, the one used for the courtesan dress as well. The bottom of the tulle parts is shredded to complete the effect.

The size, being the gown laced ad the back, is quite adjustable. The corset measures 57cm at the waist and 91cm at the bust. It can be used as it is by someone with wider measurements, would to be taken in for smaller ones.
The skirt is extra long, made especially to take very dramatic photographs, and the back of it is open, to allow ease of movement and to make very easy to gather the skirt up to pass through thorns or everything that could damage the tulle. But it can be sewn closed if requested.

The original price was 600 euros. This has been aged and weathered, adding more working hours to the garment. It has been used for photoshoots only.

It is possible to pay two halves of the price in two different months.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 12 cm