The Moth nightgown and Cocoon coat set


A coat and nightgown set to look like you’ve stepped out of a silent film, all in hand painted silk!

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Something that makes you look like you came out of a silent movie, beautiful yet slightly eerie. Moreover this set allows you not just to wear it, but to perform the transformation. You will be able to dance like Loie Fuller once you’ve shed your coat. This is a one of a kind set. I will not duplicate it in the future.


Like a real cocoon and butterfly. The first thing you see is the coat, with a dozen different shades of greens. I hand dyed, crushed, painted, printed, embellished with metallic beads and gold foil the fabric to give it a rich and almost byzantine texture. Then, when it opens, you reveal the butterfly/moth . Yards and yards of ombre dyed and hand painted silk organza in the palest pink appear, enriched with terracotta colored dots. I have pleated them by hand to achieve a texture that will allow you to literally spread your wings. The main body of the dress consists of a more flowy and covering silk which I have ombre dyed and pleated. And I made the collar once again in pleated silk organza, enriched with a shiny fringe, jet-like crystals.



This set is made of a nightgown made of different types of silks that I have ombre dyed and hand painted, and a cocoon coat in silk velvet I have hand dyed, painted, printed with gold foil details and finished with a vintage embroidered trim as collar. I reinfoced the pointy sleeves and embellished them with tiny seed beads. I embellished the collar of the inner nightgown with black jet-like beads and closes with thread covered hooks.



This pair of garments is quite versatile. The length from the base of the neck to the floor at the front is of 163cm. The top of the collar is 38,5cm wide. The rest of the set can easily adjust to fit different measurements.


Save the Dolomites

As in the past years weather changes and global warming have heavily affected the place where we spend out holidays, I decided that upon the sale of this dress I will donate 150 euros to

This is to do one more little thing to contrast climate change. Bamboo produces more oxygen than other plants and grows much faster, so I chose this option that allows to absorb more CO2 for the same amount of money.

Over the last five years the valley where me and my husband spend our summer holidays since we’ve been together has suffered deeply and has changed immensely. First, in 2018 the Vaia storm has eradicated whole mountain sides of forest. Last year the drought has caused wide areas of firs and pine trees forests to die, you can still see the spots where the forest is no longer green. Those trees still create shade, avoiding others to grow, and being dead they will fall with the next strong wind, potentially harming homes and people. Their roots keep the soil together, and when they will rot without being replaced it will be a problem as well. This year an other storm eradicated other trees, though less than Vaia.