Mirror, mirror on the wall, do you want to be the fairest of them all?

If you’re looking for a dress which will make you feel the belle of the ball, the fairest of them all, you’ve come to the right place! We do not only make costumes, I take pride in making dreams come true. Let me be your fairy godmother, your ticket to the most beautiful days of your life.

Welcome to Grimilde Malatesta

With the experience of art school and ballet, and the knowledge of the human body that comes from a degree in physiotherapy, you will have at your service a wide range of skills, that will allow you to have every part of a costume: from comfortable and healthy stays and corsets, to flamboyant hand crafted hats.

I can pride myself with a great manual skill in manipulating many materials, from fabrics and dyes, to felt, reed, steel. I have studied to be able to faithfully take care of a project, from the sketch, to picking the right materials and techniques, granting you a final effect that will be flattering to your figure, highly resembling the drawing at the beginning, but mostly that reflects more. As a costume designer, every costume will reflect you as a character. And when you’ll look at the dress you’ll think “wow, that’s me in a dress”.

Birth of a new project: sketching
Let me show you how I work...

…and you will know how far you can dare to push your imagination.

Here you will see a short selection of blog articles that will hopefully lead you to the heart of what I love: creating, transforming, pushing every step to the next level.

This is mostly how I work for my personal costumes. But I will assure you I take even more care for the ones of my customers.