Siluna Portraits

It’s been a few years since I’ve started working behind the lens, under the pseudonym Siluna Portraits. Keeping Grimilde separate from Siluna was a sort of test, to see if I could make my photographs work even outside the brand I had built for costumes.But in the end it’s the same taste, the same heart behind those two names.

I love portraits. I love faces, I love telling the thousands tales behind the eyes of a single subject, as if I was a painter. As you can see below, my style easily shifts to accomodate the subject’s nature: I love swifting from painterly images that make the subject look like coming from an other time, to modern photos with a distinctive vintage scent, to more glamour and editorial looks. I love experimenting, I love playing, I love allowing the image to carry me where it can bloom into its best form.

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