Once in a while, magic happens for real.


Dreamorphosing is the photography event merging Grimilde malatesta’s costumes and styling, and Cunene‘s photography and retouching skills. The name means dreams factory, and that’s exactly what we aim to do, with dream-worthy unique costumes and oniric imagery.

How does it work?


Once in a while, me and Cunene decide that we want to meet and produce art.

Once in a while, we decide to open the doors of this process to the public, and allow YOU to be the subject of the art we’re going to create.

We pick a date, we pick a theme.

You reserve your time slot, and we’ll email you with a few questions to allow us to understand what dress and styling would work best for the concept.

Slots go away fast! So, to be the first to know about everything, make sure to subscribe to the form above.


You can also follow Dreamorphosing on Instagram and Facebook, where we share all the news and the results in a second time.