Once in a while, magic happens for real.


Dreamorphosing is the photography event merging Grimilde malatesta’s costumes and styling, and Cunene‘s photography and retouching skills.

We chose the name because with this experience we aim to transform you into something onirical, each time with a different theme.

How does it work?


This is not your usual commissioned photoshoot.

Once in a while, me and Cunene decide that we want to meet and produce art.

Once in a while, we decide to open the doors of this process to the public, and allow YOU to be the subject of the art we’re going to create.

We pick a date, and a theme.

You reserve your time slot, and we’ll send you a concept starting from a dress that can match your measurements. For the Wunderkammer experience, you will be able to choose between two options.

The cost of the experience will be split in two payments.


The concept of this collaboration opern to the public came with the many, MANY requests we got when we started working together on our own. In so many wanted to have access to that, while it originally was only reserved to us. And when we chose to open our doors, we decided to do so in a way that allowed as many of you as possible to join us. This is why during this event our combined skills come for a price that is much lower than if you booked both of us to work on a commissioned photoshoot.

As witches of the sea usually do, we do ask something in resturn: trust and creative freedom.

We ask you to trust our past work, the work you have seen and made you interested in this event. We ask you to give us creative freedom, because we know that when we are free to go where our creative mind goes, you get the best out of our skills. We feel the very best of our combined work comes out when we’re having fun, rather than when we’re merely executing requests. We need to channel our work into something that we feel enthusiasm for, only in that way we can give you the very best.


This is why we will not accept specific requests, not even if you bring the costume yourself. We kindly ask you to be our subject to elevate, and not a third creative voice to accomodate (we tried it, most of the times it doesn’t work as we hope it would). We know this is a lot to ask, but all our returning customers can assure you that it’s totally worth it, and that you will be amazed by the result.


To the Blooming Option subscribers we will let know the concept of their portrait in advance, as well as the costume we’re going to use.

To the Wunderkammer Experience subscribers we will give two options to choose from.

For every portrait there’s a huge work behind. You will fill the form and come here on the day, but every single portrait has behind it hours of work: studying the creatures, discussing among us how to effectively create a specific character with imagery, accessories and props, choosing and preparing the costumes, the wigs, the makeup, the accessories. And then there’s hours of photo editing for each image.

We offer you to be pampered, to sit and enjoy being under skillful hands and creative minds like if you were in a magical SPA. Trust your fairy godmothers and allow us to amaze you with the final result!


Slots go away fast! So, to be the first to know about everything, make sure to subscribe to the form above.


You can also follow Dreamorphosing on Instagram and Facebook, where we share all the news and the results in a second time.