4th of March, 2023. Maserà di Padova.

Passatempo in italian is a way of spending leisure time. But it’s also a mix of the words: pass and time, leading you to a past world you don’t remember having lived in. Or do you remember?


Want your very own portrait to hang on your home, like you lived in a past century?

Want one of those photos that look like oil paintings from the victorian era, or pastels from rococo times?

Read ahead!

This will be a very special event. I will take care of everything, and I will allow you to get a portrait like those that made you say: “I thought this was a painting”. You will be the person in it, and will be able to astonish anyone seeing your profile picture, or the canvas print framed on your living room.


How does it work?

First you get in touch with me. Write an email to [email protected] letting me know you want to join the event on the 4th of March.

I will ask you for a photograph of your face without makeup, showing your natural hair, and one that shows me the shape of your body (leggings or tights and a figure-hugging t-shirt). It is very important to take these images carefully: they will allow me to know you well enough to find the perfect era for you!

I will also ask for your measurements: bust, waist and height.


I will choose the dress for you, and take care of the styling.

Why can’t you choose?

Well, because only I know how my costumes fit, and on what type of body they work best. Some of them work better on slender figures, other need some roundness to work, and so on. I really want you to look incredible, and sometimes dresses don’t work on you like they do on me. Trust me: I know how to make you shine!

Every body type is welcome, every age, every skin color and every gender identity.


I can only get 5 appointments for the whole day.


Because I will do everything myself. This allows a cohesive vision to connect all the steps like a thread, and show in the final result.

I will do the makeup to make you look like a painting, I will do your hair or style a wig for you, I will dress you and then I will photograph you (you may know my work as Siluna Portraits), to take care of the editing in the days following the shootings. I will need two hours for each of you on the shooting day, without counting the time to prepare and the editing time afterwards. After each image, for each of you, there’s no less than 5 hours, usually more.


During the Passatempo event, you will have access to this experience with a discounted price from my usual fees!

We will choose together the image you like best, after I have pre-edited the previews on lightroom.


You will be able to choose if you want the image in digital form (the experience will cost 200 euros) or printed on canvas (size availability to be discussed after the preview image has been sent, uo to 60cm of size). With the canvas print included, the cost will be of 250 euros.


You will be able to decide if you want a second or third image edited, after I will show you the previews. The cost for one extra image is +100, the cost of the third will be +80. The cost of one extra print will be +45, of a third +40.


The price includes:

  • costume choice, to enhance your figure and highlight your resemblance to portraits of a certain era
  • costume rental, with all undergarments and accessories
  • hair styling or wig rental
  • makeup service (your own foundation and mascara, all the rest is provided)
  • photoshoot
  • photo choice
  • final edited images in high resolution
  • if requested, canvas print

Want to book? Email!

[email protected]



A 100 euros non refundable deposit will be required upon reservation of your spot. You will be asked to complete the payment a few days before the event.