Here you can see my most requested photography offers. To book me as photographer, please send your inquiry through the contact form before purchasing the time slot at this link.



  •  makeup
  • hairstyling
  • posing guide (if you want to be extra prepared for the shooting…click here)
  • editing
  • choosing the raw files that will be edited together
  • high quality jpg files


The following fees are for studio photography. I usually shoot in Maserà di Padova. I can shoot elsewhere as long as travel costs and time are paid.

I am usually available for photography from tuesday to friday, from 10 to 12.30 and from 15.30 to 19.30. I usually need at least two hours of time for studio photography.

Depending prior engagements, I sometimes am also free on saturday mornings.


Fees include basic makeup and hairstyling. The presence of hairstylists, make-up artitsts, stylists and other artists can be requested (their fee has to be calculated separately and is not included in these prices).

No costume rental required, one subject
This option allows you to bring your own costume, casual wear, and is the price option for nude as well. Only one outfit and styling, no changes.

– 1 photo 65 euros

– 2 photos 100 euros

– 3 photos 140 euros

– 4 photos 200 euros

From 5 photos, each one will cost 35 euros.

Each extra subject included in the photo will cost +35 euros.

One costume rented, one subject

– 1 photo 230 euros

– 2 photos 280 euros

– 3 photos 325 euros

– 4 photos 365 euros

– 5 photos 400 euros

This includes the cost of renting one costume and its accessories and/or undergarments as needed (some costumes are made up to 7 different garments), wig rental or hair styling service, makeup (bringing your own foundation and mascara).


For photos with more than one subject, each extra person requiring a costume, appearing in the same photos will cost +70 euros.

Photo editing

Through the years I had the need to have my photos…as I wanted them, when I wanted them.

This has somehow evolved into my own photography world. And I want to allow you to be part of it.

If you can’t come here, I can also retouch your own photos.

Price depending on the time needed for the editing. I usually take longer on portrait photography, and when you want special effects thet go beyond basic retouching and color editing. I usually take 30 minutes per photo. 45 for portraits, but it can take longer, depending on the requests and the number of subjects.

Rate per hour: 40 euros