What can I do for you?

For inquiries please fill the contact from or send an email to [email protected]

Let me design something for you!

Designing costume is one of the things I enjoy the most!

These are the options you can choose to have me design the costume, without necessarily having it made by my hands.

Design something just for you

An original costume designed for you only.

We will discuss the concept, and I will start making a few sketches. You can have up to 5 sketches made, to pick the one you like best.

This design will belong to you: you can take it to whoever you want to be made, and it will include a few instructions on how to accomplish the result I imagined, including the description of the fabric types (list of suppliers not included).

You will have to tag me in the work and you’ll have to sign an agreement that will state that you will credit the design as mine and not pass it as yours.

Starts from 200 euros. Should you choose to have me make the costume, those 200 euros will be deducted from the cost of the costume.

Want to start? Click here.

Custom design and guide

I will do all what’s stated on the basic design option. I will then follow the maker of your choice to choose the fabrics together. I will be available to supervision the whole process, including guiding pattern adjustments and video calls for fittings.

This can also be used to have me help you for your cosplay or historical projects.

Starting from 400 euros.

You make, I design

An amazing opportunity to learn my process and some of my skills.

With this, you will get all stated in the previous options, plus a personal guide to help you making the costume yourself. We will start discussing your skill level, and I’ll create a design you can accomplish.

I will help you scouting supplies through Etsy and I will provide you with a basic pattern made on your measurements.

I will guide you through making mock-ups and altering the pattern, then I will guide you through the techniques needed to build the costume and finish it.

Starts from 1000 euros. Does not include materials, wig styling, dyeing or weathering techniques. You will be able to send me one email per week, with all the questions and I will reply with sketches and instructions. You will get a total of 8 videocalls, 2 hours long, no more than one per week, for what can not be accomplished through the emails.

There are limited slots for this option, and it may not always be available. Be sure to book well in advance.

Adopt a design

This is the ideal option if you want me to design something for you, but you’re on a budget. This is also ideal when you see one of my sketches somewhere, and just love it, and you want to be able to make a costume out of it.

I sketch and design as excercise. So I have a huge folder full of sketches and ideas on many subjects. And there are many look-alike of my costumes, options I designed and loved, but in the end I can only make one costume at a time.

These designs do not require me to spend extra time in creating, they’re ready to use! So you can purchase one of them and make the costume yourself.

The non-colored design costs 40 euros. The colored ones 50. You will receive a full resolution scan of the original fashion sketch.

If you wish me to add details about which fabrics should be used for each part, there’s an extra 20 euros.

If you wish to receive the original drawing on paper, there’s an extra 10 euros, plus shipping cost.

To know the available designs, please send me an email through the contact form and write me which type of project you’re looking for!

I can work on your dress, to make it tell a story

Let’s get the hands into making things!


Have your made to measure costume. It can be my original design, a historical costume of my design with a theme of your choice or a replica from a movie.

Going through the designing phase first, I will create and then actually make something for you.

As I work alone, I have a very limited time availability. Therefore, when I am in the position to choose, I tend to prefer starting projects where I am allowed to create freely, to cosplays and such.

Starts from 600 euros.


Have some accessories made for your costume only. From lasercut belts, to hand sculpted crowns.

Starting from 100 euros.

Fabric processing

Have your fabric dyed, printed, embossed, painted to suit your needs.


Starting from 20 euros per meter.

Breaking down textiles items

I can age and weather your costume, either made by me or others.

We will agree upon the level of decomposition and the story of the garment, from something lightly worn to something recovered from a sunken ship.


Starting from 300 euros.

I can create wigs and hairpieces
Wigs and hairpieces are among the most loved of my works, and they’re often praised for how realistic they can look, even if synthetic. Even the commercial front lace wig is treated with specific techniques that prevent it from looking fake.

Enjoy the comfort of waking up at the last minute for an event, without having to set your hair the night before, or enjoy the fun of trying a haircolor that complements your outfit to the best.

Commercial wig styling

I can style a commercial kenakelon wig of your choice, preferably a front lace one.

Styling the wig as it is: starting from 100 euros.

Styling and roots painting: starting from 150 euros.

Styling, roots painting and altering the hairline: starting from 300 euros.


I can create hairpieces to complete a wig or your own hair, for a specific style. I will be able to match your hair color if given a sample of your own hair.

Starting at 70 euros.

Ventilating is the art of creating a custom wig from scratch, made for your hairline and head shape. Wig, moustache, false beard, eyebrows.
At the moment I do not offer the service of making full ventilated wigs, though I customize commercial front lace ones.
Pricing depends on the size of the required piece. Please send me an email, if interested in this service.
I can teach you how I do the things you see in my work
Through my social media I am constantly asked to share what I know with tutorials.

I am not a fan of that for what concerns actual sewing, though I love to make some on other costume-related subjects.

Most of what I know would be shared at its best through a workshop: working in two, interchanging information, tailoring the experience to the skills of a specific person.

So I will not share little bits of knowledge that you will still need to bring together like a puzzle.

Ready-to-see tutorials
Here you can reach my Ko-fi shop, where you will find online classes and short tutorials on costume-related subjects.
Specific lessons

I am more at ease when showing how to make things, making them together in my workroom, passing that hand knowledge from hand to hand, interacting with a real human being rather than a screen, and tailoring the teaching to the specific needs of the person in front of me. I think that’s the way you can learn the most. I trust I can give you a very different experience than a youtube tutorial.

So I offer you the chance of having a private lesson with me, in person or via videocall on a subject of your choosing.

The cost will go by the hour, and the fee will be 80 euros.

The minimum for the first lesson will be of two hours: one of theory and one of practice. An email describing what you already know about the subject and what do you want to learn will be our start.

This ensures to make the best out of both my time and yours. Straight to the info you need.

Some subjects may require a longer time. For example if you want to make yourself a 1895 hat the first hour will be about learning the fashion and the techniques of the time, choosing the style, drafting the pattern and picking the supplies. The second hour will be about making the hat. And after that you may need an other lesson or two to complete the item. Extra time may be needed according to your skills, how fast you make it and how much you can go on on your own. We will see from time to time.

To book your private lesson, write me.

Possible subjects

These are some of the subjects I could be helpful with, but if you want something you’ve seen me doing and that isn’t listed here, write me.

  • drawing the human figure for fashion
  • how to read a costume, how to understand what will be needed to replicate it
  • proportions, a method to never miss them
  • undergarments: how to recognize them and use them to create the desired silhouette
  • how to merge commercial modern historical patterns and the item you want to replicate
  • creating the 1890-1900 silhouettes
  • creating 18th century silhouettes
  • fashion evolution from late 1880s to 1910s
  • historically accurate techniques to recreate your 1890-1900s wardrobe
  • historical millinery basics
  • fashion changes in headwear and hairstyles across the 18th and the 19th century
  • fabric dyeing theory, what you will need to know for all the other dyeing  and breaking down techniques
  • basic dyeing techniques
  • creating textures with dyeing techniques
  • breaking down, ageing, weathering fabric garments
  • wig styling theory for natural or synthetic hair
  • synthetic wig styling after a specific reference
  • basic posing guide for the photography model
  • posing for historical photographs
  • photo editing: how to create painterly images with color settings
  • my editing: how I edit my own images
  • social media management for the costume enthusiast and professional
About collaborations and rentals...

I am not a costume rental house. The pieces I keep here are for personal use, and are very dear to me. Hence the prisk of renting or shipping them for photoshoots is something I no longer take.

Though if you really want to work with one of those pieces, some options will follow, and you can also book a pecific photoshoot according to the “photography” section above here.

Long distance collaborations

I have done collaborations such these, shipping my gowns around the world, for a while.

During this process, I’ve seen an awful amount of despickable things happening to the costumes: they’ve been returned damaged in some cases, in some others they weren’t worn properly (they do not fit everyone, they’re bespoke for my body, you need to know how to adjust them on the person and make them look good) and I ended up not using the pictures.

So I am no longer collaborating in this way.

If you want my costumes for a collaboration, I need to go with the costumes, and you will cover all the travel expenses.

If interested, please fill the contact form with the details of your idea and your location.


I have to admit I’m a huge fan of the few collaborators I call over and over. Working with collaborators I know allows me to reduce the time needed to produce the images. The chances of being called after sending your infos is always little, and that’s due to my lack of time, mostly. So if you really want to be in my photos, maybe wearing a specific outfit, or having some photos to share of your styling… commissioning me your portrait is the best and fast way to achieve it.

However sometimes I have the time to try and test new collaborators! Not just models, but also photographers, stylist, hairdressers and makeup artists.

I have a database of possible collaborators, and you can be added to it by emailing me. Add the following details to the email, and enter “collaborator – model/MUA/HS/ecc” in the subject, so you’ll come out when I’ll be searching.

Please remember:

  • I live and work near Padova, Italy. You need to be able to reach my laboratory on your own (there’s a bus stop nearby) and at your expenses;
  • add the days you’re usually available in, if during the week or weekends;
  • add your social media or website to the section of the form, but don’t forget you will need to give a link to the single images requested for your work as well.

For models:

  • Inlcude your following measurements, in centimeters: height, bust, waist;
  • Include a link to a face shot photo, a full figure one, and one showing how expressive you can be. Links to instagram and other low resolution social media won’t be considered and will make the application void.

For other collaborators, such as MUA, HS and such:

  • include links to three pictures of your past works.
Brand collaborations

Collaborating with other brands is a good way for both of us to increase success. Which is why I welcome such opportunities!

However my brand has a specific identity and I have my own aesthetic, so I can be selective.

As a maker myself, I am extremely careful with the items I am handed over. I have had some awful experiences myself, so I know what it means to hand hours, days, months of work to the hands of someone else.

Moreover I know how to make costumes and dresses look at their best, which is quite an advantage!

If interested, please contact me!

If you're a photographer

All the gowns I keep in my wardrobe are made on me and my measurements. This means they rarely fit someone else as well. Some of them are strictly personal and are not available to be worn on others.

If you have a project in mind, like editorials and such, there is a very limited number of pieces available. Most pieces are made for my specific measurements and they would not work on the body type required by the fashion industry. I deal in garments. So if the gowns don’t fit properly, there’s not much way to work around it: I look like I don’t know how to do my job, and the final work damages my image, instead of helping my brand, like we both wish.

So can I join such projects with my works? It really depends on a lot of factors. Please contact me, but be aware that if you need the usual “tall and thin” model, most of the gowns I own will not be available.

In case the project starts, I will need to be present whenever the gown is used. Rental costs, travel costs and my hourly wage need to be completely covered.


If you wish to work with some of them, with me as a model, I’m usually available for a few collaborations near here, once in a while (once again, I live south of Padova, Italy).

Please send me an email following these instructions:

  • add at least three high resolution pictures link to some of your works that match your idea for the costume. As for the models, social media accounts are ok to see more of your work, but I really need at least three pictures in high resolution;
  •  add your availability, if during the week or in weekends, and the time of the year you’d like to shoot in;
  • let me know the costume you’d like to use, by adding an other link;
  • describe your idea, at least a little, I love to see pinterest boards or sketches;
  • let me know how many finished pictures you expect from the shooting;
  • I will need to know your average time to deliver the pictures. I don’t care for short delivery times, I care for a good work, yet it’s good to know if I’m going to wait two weeks or two months. Waiting time above six months for the first picture will not be considered suitable. For the others you can take up to a year. But I’m willing to wait this much only for very good work, and a shorter delivery time might influence positively my decision to collaborate.