Since 2018 I stopped doing rentals and collaborations. However there’s still a possibility to work and wear my costumes.

When I don’t sell a costume, I keep it into my collection. This means I only keep pieces I am very fond of. I used to have some of them shipped for rentals and collaborations with other artists. More than one time, despite a contract with fees for damages, they came back to me ripped, broken, with missing parts, repairs needed and even smelling of cigarette smoke. And almost all of these collaborations and rentals ended up with pictures I could not use, because of costumes not worn as they should have been.

This is why I have decided that where those costumes go, I need to go too. I need to be present during the shooting, to take them with me when I come, see how they’re used, fit them personally on the model, and get them back with me when I go.

If you’re interested in my costumes for a shooting, I’d be glad to consider it. You will be required to cover the costs of the travel and of the time needed for both travela nd shooting (if I stop working at the projects at home for some hours or even days, it needs to be worth it). I am based in MaserĂ  di Padova, Italy.

Should you be interested to come here in north-eastern Italy to reduce the costs, I’d be glad to share with you some locations that can work for the projects we will be planning together. I live one hour by car from Venice, for example.

Should you be interested, please send me a message using the contact form in this website.