Long distance collaborations

I have done collaborations such these, shipping my gowns around the world, for a while.

During this process, I’ve seen an awful amount of despickable things happening to the costumes: they’ve been returned damaged in some cases, in some others they weren’t worn properly (they do not fit everyone, they’re bespoke for my body, you need to know how to adjust them on the person and make them look good) and I ended up not using the pictures.

So I am no longer collaborating in this way.

If you want my costumes for a collaboration, I need to go with the costumes, and you will cover all the travel expenses.

If interested, please fill the contact form with the details of your idea and your location.

For those who want to be my models

I have to admit I’m a huge fan of the few models I call over and over. Working with collaborators I know allows me to reduce the time needed to produce the images.

However sometimes I have the time to try and test new collaborators!

I have a database of possible collaborators, and you can be added to it by submitting a message to the following form.

Please remember:

  • I live and work near Padova, Italy. You need to be able to reach my laboratory on your own (there’s a bus stop nearby) and at your expenses;
  • add the days you’re usually available in, if during the week or weekends;
  • add your social media or website to the section of the form, but don’t forget you will need to give a link to the single images requested for your work as well.

For models:

  • Inlcude your following measurements, in centimeters: height, bust, waist;
  • Include a link to a face shot photo, a full figure one, and one showing how expressive you can be. Links to instagram and other low resolution social media won’t be considered and will make the application void.


For other collaborators, such as MUA, HS and such:

  • include links to three pictures of your past works.

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All the gowns I keep in my wardrobe are made on me and my measurements. This means they rarely fit someone else as well. Some of them, especially when it comes to cosplays, are not available to be worn on others.

If you wish to work with some of them, with me as a model, I’m usually available for a few collaborations near here, once in a while (once again, I live south of Padova, Italy).

Please complete the form according to the fowing instructions:

  • add at least three high resolution pictures link to some of your works that match your idea for the costume. As for the models, social media accounts are ok to see more of your work, but I really need at least three pictures in high resolution;
  •  add your availability, if during the week or in weekends, and the time of the year you’d like to shoot in;
  • let me know the costume you’d like to use, by adding an other link;
  • describe your idea, at least a little, I love to see pinterest boards or sketches;
  • let me know how many finished pictures you expect from the shooting;
  • I will need to know your average time to deliver the pictures. I don’t care for short delivery times, I care for a good work, yet it’s good to know if I’m going to wait two weeks or two months. Waiting time above six months for the first picture will not be considered suitable. For the others you can take up to a year. But I’m willing to wait this much only for very good work, and a shorter delivery time might influence positively my decision to collaborate.

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