The wig class- 1890s



With this listing you are purchasing a private class where I will teach you how to create a 1890s styl. You can choose from the ones of the star of the decade, higher and smaller, or the softer ones of the middle, perfectly made to support the hats of each time.


The class will be in my studio, in Maserà di Padova, Italy. You can request a class elsewhere, for example during Carnevale, if I have available time, or during other trips.

We will style together a front lace synthetic wig to recreate the style. These styles are comfortable, not very high, have a soft texture and are perfect to complete your looks by making you look like you stepped out of a painting.


We will use a mix of modern and period techniques to create a wig that will look historically accurate, but will be much less fragile.

My work is praised for how real my wigs look, when a natural color is chosen. This is achieved thanks to specific styling choices and techniques, which I will share with you.

I can also teach you how to adjust the hairline to make it look even more natural, if required. Though this will require extra time (please email me before purchasing, if interested in this).


You will walk out of the class with your own wig, ready to wear!


I will include the wig to start from, styling products and materials. I will not include embellishment such as ostrick plumes and ribbons and you will need to request and pay for these ahead of time.


Please email me before purchasing this, to agree on the day and time… and of course the style!

My email is [email protected]