Historybounding Belle shepherdess dress


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Feel like doing some historybounding? I’ve got you covered!

This outfit will transport you in 18th century France, where there’s a small town not fat from a huge, dark, abandoned castle. The furniture talks, and there seems to be a beast living in his highest tower.

Are you ready to save the beast, befriend the furniture and show the town’s short minded people what you are really made of?Maybe while looking Disney-gorgeous?

Then this is for you!



The dress

I made the stays with historical technique, leather binding, synthetic whalebone all over, even several layers to ensure the outer taffeta remains extra smooth. I embroidered the eyelets for back spiral lacing. The blue parts are silk taffeta. Cotton (maybe linen?) embroidered apron made from a vintage piece, with beautiful ivy leaves.

Chemise and fichu not included. Inner petticoats and rumps not included. The skirts (tabs) of the stays are not finished and I will not finish them. Hence the price.




Fits up to 105cm bust, 86cm of uncorseted waist. Can be worn with slightly smaller measurements.

It laces at the back, so it can adjust to larger sizes as well.


The sale is final.


Photos by Maddalena Montecchio