Carnevale photoshoot- Arsenale


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With this, you are booking a photoset with me (Siluna Portraits/Grimilde Malatesta).


Where: meeting at Ponte San Biasio delle Catene (Venice)

Day: Saturday, February the 10th, 2024

Time: 8.00 am



You are required to reach the meeting point at the set time, in complete costume (you have to bring your own costume), hairstyle and makeup.


Images cost

This listing is considered a deposit. You will get half an hour (if everything goes smoothly) to one hour of my time during the photoshoot.

After carnevale I will do a first selection of the images, taking away tests, out of focus ones ecc, edit them in lightroom and then send you a preview.

From that, you will be able to choose the number of images you wish me to edit in photoshop. These rates will apply (the “no costume rental” section). One image is included in the deposit.

You will be required to pay for any extra image via PayPal. I will edit the images within 40 days from the payment.


In case of rain

In this case only I will accept any change in the set time. According to weather forecasts, we may move the shooting to an other time of the day or to a different day.

I usually request a change if the chances of rain are higher than 50%.


In case of delay

I will wait for you for 15 minutes after the set time. If you don’t show up within that time frame the photoshoot will be cancelled and I will keep the deposit.



By purchasing this listing you accept that once you will have approved the images after editing, I will have the rights to use them to promote my work.