Original Cersei Lannister dress


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You know Cersei is my favourite GoT character. or it was before the ending. So, when my hair was growing after I shaved it, I made myself a dress.

It is inspired by my favourite period of hers, the black, mourning, almost armor-like style she adopts when wearing the crown of the Seven Kingdoms herself.


The dress

I made it to be worn with a corset underneath. I used a thick, textured black fabric of two types, one at the center and one at the sides. I lined the collar in silver pleated fabric, while the shoulders hace lasercut pauldrons with 3d printed lion heads (one is at the back of the standing collar, to which I added extra boning after these photos). I embroidered the hips in silver thread, with silver bullion elements, and finished the sleeves with mother of pearl claws.

It closes with a back zipper.



Fits up to 105cm bust, 82cm of corseted waist, 167cm height. Can be worn with smaller measurements (up to 12cm less).


The inside is unlined, some seam allowances may need finishing, hence the price. The sale is final.