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What is it? A fox? An ostrich? A swan? An alien? A beauty!

This is surely a piece that will not leave those who see you indifferent. They’ll be utterly puzzled. And you can be sure they will remember you. They will keep thinking of that coat, of what kind of beast can produce both fur and feathers…

Wether you use it over your jeans to get a slightly punk look, or over a formal evening gown to go to the opera and make and entrance like Marchesa Casati, it’s up to you.


The coat

Imagine cuddling yourself in high quality faux fur, white as snow, soft as whipped cream. Imagine small pastel feathers accenting the collar and sleeves, with ostrich barbs coming out and dancing in the air, following your every movement.

It will be cut in Poiret’s style, so it will be quite frianly to any size, but please let me know your bust, waist and shoulder measurements in centimeters, so I can make sure it’s comfortable.


How it works

I may make minor changes in the design while working on it, but the final work will be true to the feel of the sketch.

EMAIL BEFORE PURCHASING: [email protected]


Crafting time depends on the current commissions list. I will need at least 6 months to make this. If you have a deadline, please inquire BEFORE placing your order.


This will be a one of a kind garment which I will not replicate int he same shape and colors.


For this dress you can take advantage of my Payment plans option.