White blood lily dress


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This dress was inspired by a costume I have seen in theater, during a play. They used old upholstery fabrics, all in white. They were quite simple, but the amount of fabric created the most dramatic effect.

And you know me, once inspiration stroke, I needed MORE drama. So I used an innocent, soft looking mix of white and ivory matelassé fabrics, contrasting with the hard angular shape. And I lined the visible parts in the richest, deepest red velvet. I created a high collar, with a back opening.


This dress is a mix between a fencing outfit and a straightjacket, symbolizing my fight with depression during covid lockdowns, and all of my concerns for the future. I think the strength of those emotions really shows in the finished piece.


The dress

This white and cream matelassé dress has a back V neckline opening, finished with deep crimson velvet like the wrists, painted to look like lily petals. The bottom edge of the skirt is raw and weathered.

It has padded shoulders, and was made to be worn over a corset. Closes at the back with hooks and eyes.

This has a lot of fabric, but it was a quick build for photoshoots. It has a very dramatic look, but the inside is not as clean and finished as one would expect. Hence the price, which is basically that of the materials.

You will need to wear a corset underneath, and this piece really benefits from a petticoat.



Fits up to 105cm bust, 82cm of corseted waist, 167cm height. Can be worn with slightly smaller measurements.



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Photos by Massimo Malvestio