Elven armour belt- engraved


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Mix the shape of stays and the look of a metal armor, and you have the Elven armour belt! Perfect to give a refined, elegant and yet aggressive look to your costumes!


This is the engraved version, which takes several hours to make. And I won’t tell you how long it took to design all the little swirls!

Belt only, vanguards not included in this listing.



All the pieces you see here are lasercut and designed by me. Each of these required a very long time of testing, designing, making mock-ups, remaking, finding the right material. The whole process to create what you see here required almost one year and a half. And just cutting one set can require a whole afternoon, without counting the designing, testing, cleaning up, packing time.


They come in one size, most of the time. Because the machine can cut a limited area. But don’t fear: these accessories are designed to be adjustable. Most of the “belts” are made to be closed with lacing at the back, other pieces are made of several parts you can add or take off, the designs are carefully planned to work on a huge variety of bodies. Most belts and other pieces are created to be used as front plates, so it’s normal that the back remains with the lacing very wide.

In this case, the opening for the bust area is quite narrow. If you have more than a C cup, I will need to adjust the design, please get in touch before placing the order: I may not be able to create the custom version at all times.



When designing these, I wanted to make them as kits from the start. This means you get the cleaned laser cut pieces, unpainted, without grommets, beads, laces, ribbons and ties. Why? Well, because I am a small business owner, and I can’t stock a dozen belts of one color, a dozen of an other, make a special color for one customer, get seven different types of lacing cords and ribbons and so on. The possibilities to style these in different ways are virtually endless. Which is part of the beauty of these accessories!

So you will need to get some supplies and finish the pieces once you get them. This allows me to keep prices as low as possible and you to get the finish you want for your very own costume. These are a tool for your creativity! You can add beads, crystals, chains, studs, you can use plenty of different painting techniques…have fun!

In this case the belt was primed and painted. By purchasing this listing, you will receive one layer only, in transparent, the original color of the plastic material.

When receiving the item, you’ll get access to a specific Facebook group with all the tutorials and instructions on how to transform the piece you will receive in what you envisioned!




You’ve seen the lovely shape these belt create, haven’t you?

You’re already dreaming of wearing one and be shaped into that hourglass figure, right?

Before you start imagining your costume, I would like to clarify a couple of things.

These belts are cut to create the optical illusion of a smaller waist and a more elongated torso and legs. The cut is inspired by historical corsetry and the back is laced. However the delicate cutouts, the lace-thin parts make the pieces very delicate and unable to withstand the tension of waist reduction.

These belts are suitable for photography and events, however, if you’re going to attend a LARP event involving fights, or dance, you may want to use these belts over a proper corset or support garment with similar shape. The accessories can be bent in one direction only, if you force them by bending in two directions, they will crease. Moreover the eyelets are suitable to withstand the pressure and tension of making the pieces adhere to your body, not to take in more than that.



It’s not mandatory, but I strongly suggest, especially if you’re going to move a lot with the belts, to purchase the reinforcement layer. It’s a plain layer with lacing holes and no cut or engraved design, that is stronger. You can leave it transparent or line it with contrasting fabric, to create a more dramatic effect.

If you wish the belt to show the material underneath, please use a real corset as undergarment to prevent you from bending enough to crease the belts, or take extra care when moving your torso and when sitting.

These pieces are light, comfortable, not as expensive as metal would be, and look like metal when properly painted. To keep all these features, the piece is delicate and not suitable for structural stress.

AVOID PURCHASING THIS ONLY IF you’re going to use a corset underneath, or if you’re planning to make your own reinforcement layer.

For the photos, the belt was used without reinforcement layer. It was a controlled environment, the belt was worn for a very short time, and the movement for the poses was limited. I do not suggest to use the belt alone in a different context.


Get your reinforcement layer HERE (you will need one for the belt).