Elven maiden


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If you fell in love with my original rendition of Eowyn’s shieldmaiden dress, and have patiently been waiting after my promise of doing more pieces with this technique… wait no longer!
I finally came up with a design I love, and it’s available! One piece only, as usual.
This dress is inspired by Galadriel, in Rings of Power, but also by early renaissance fashion and paintings, Wagner operas and a color scheme taken from the ceiling of one of the most beautiful villas facing Como Lake.


The dress

Imagine a base of silk velvet, in emerald. The color is not solid, it’s been hand dyed to create a mottled effect with darker and bluer greens to mimic the natural shades of the forest.The color combination and the decorative pattern are inspired by hte ceiling of one of the rooms in Villa Carlotta, on Como Lake.
The skirt is flowy and rich in fabric, full circle. The short cut bodice is made from the same fabric and is quilted over light padding, enhanced by soutache and metallic gold cording, beaded here and there. The end of the sleeves is also worked in the same way, small gilded 3d leaves come out of the base. The appearence is that of a light armour, or a cage.
A similarly dyed silk chiffon cape can be added, for a more “royal” and formal effect, while the dress can be left as is, if you’re posing with arch and sword for your photoshoot.



How it works

The PRICE RANGE: can be made for 900.

With 300 extra euros I will include the veil/cape. You can add 250 euros extra to add some texture achieved through beading, along the golden lines, for a richer and more organic look.

I may make minor changes in the design while working on it, but the final work will be true to the feel of the sketch.

EMAIL BEFORE PURCHASING: [email protected]


I will require at least one mock-up and videocall fitting.

Crafting time depends on the current commissions list. I will need at least 8 months to make this. If you have a deadline, please inquire BEFORE placing your order.


This will be a one of a kind dress which I will not replicate.


For this dress you can take advantage of my Payment plans option.