Flaming June bonnet


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Ideal for your early 1890s dress, this is really a splash of color! This is made in such shape that can stretch further in the decade, by placing it forward on your head! To the back, and you’re in 1892, horizontal on top and you’re in 1896. Isn’t it just lovely?


It’s so tiny and light that it’s one of the easiest headdresses to wear for the time. You will need a hat pin to keep it in place. With a suitable 1890 hairstyle with a bun high on the head, you’ll look straight out of a fashion plate!

I covered this one in hand dyed ombré silk velvet. Which existed and was used! Though it’s quite rare. No risk of being copied here.

There’s an ostrich plume I hand dyed as well, and made by sewing several feathers together.

I lined it in silk, and finished it with burgundy ribbons.

One of a kind piece!