McQueen tribute dress


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The dress

This is an other of the dresses I had designed for myself. In this case it was supposed to be used for an event, and I ended up using a dress I already had, de to lack of time to work on my own projects.

I still want to make it, and I still love the design very much.

It will be made from black denim fabric and built over a boned corset-like structure. The decoration will be bleached and enriched with gold beads and/or sequins.

It is inspired by some details of Alexander McQueen designs, with my own twist.


How it works

The PRICE RANGE: from 1600 to 2000, depending on the supplies I yet have to source and the time I will see fit to dedicate to the beadwork.

I have some of the supplies I need for this dress. I may also make small changes in the design while working on it.

EMAIL BEFORE PURCHASING: [email protected]


I will require at least one mock-up and videocall fitting.

Crafting time depends on the current commissions list. If you have a deadline, please inquire BEFORE placing your order.


This will be a one of a kind dress which I will not replicate.


For this dress you can take advantage of my Payment plans option.