Padmé Handmaiden dress


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This is a costume I made 10 of, for a parade in 2015, I think. The ones you see in the photos have all been made by me, except two, and they’ve all been dyed by me.

Since then, I’ve much improved in working with silk velvet, I now have much more experience. I also have a thorough knowledge of the costume, of the very peculiar cut of some of its parts.



The replica of this costume that I offer with this listing includes a silk velvet dress, a silk velvet tabard, red satin mittens with embroidered appliqués matching the design on the Dressing a Galaxy book, red satin sash cowl.The satin could be synthetic or rayon, according to the best looking I find. If you want to update it to silk, please email me.

Ombré dyeing this amount of silk velvet requires knowledge, experience and skill. As well as sewing the fabric. It is very far from being a costume one can put together with little effort and accuracy both.

This is the perfect costume for colder days, the silk velvet keeps your temperature wonderfully. I discourage from wearing this in very hot environments or under the summer sun.

Each of these is made to measure. Shoes are not included.


Processing time

I need at least 8 months to make the costume. I may need more, according to commissions queue. If you have a deadline, please write me BEFORE placing the order. Orders with deadlines communicated after the purchase will be delivered whenever possible, and it’s possible that they may not arrive on time. In such cases, a full refund will not be possible either.



Shipping cost is not included and depends on both your location and the final weight of the costume, which can vary a lot according to height and size of the wearer.


Payment plans are available. To know more, click here.

To set the payment plan, please email at [email protected]


This will be the last handmaiden dress I will make