Padmé’s Tatooine sunset dress


This could be your new Padmé costume. Comfortable, light, adaptable.

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For years I didn’t feel comfortable in choosing this dress. Why? letting my belly out wasn’t my thing. I felt I wasn’t toned and thin enough.

What has changed? Well, after seeing some bellydancers using this very type of skirt, I have seen how figure flattering it can be also for someone who isn’t skinny.

Directly from the second far, far away movie of the prequel trilogy, here’s the Tatooine dress.


This dress will be made to measure just for you. I will need at least 4 months to make it. I have a long queue of orders, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to get in line.


Headdress and wig are included, so you only need the shoes and you’re ready.



I will make yours  from a polyester blend crepe jersey that will be thinner than the one in the prototype you see here. It also comes directly in the right color, so the light color discrepancies you may see in these photos will not be there.The color is still aqua, just slightly more on the greenish side than the blue.

I will hand print it in silver grey along the cape, and add the two handmade fringes of black seed beads and glass coin beads.

The headdress will be made of a smooth and fragile resin that is able to mimic the texture to metal much better than worbla.

The wig will be synthetic and front lace.



I will make it to your measurements. It will be a dress just for your body.

Once we start the process, you will receive a video tutorial on how to take your own measurements as I need them.



To know before byuing

The skirt and bodice close at the back with zippers.

My costume has been approved in Rebel Legion, as all the others. Despite that, I can not grant approval, as it depends on the judge, on how you wear the dress, on how you took your measurements. I make all my costumes to match the screen costume, rather than the CRL.

I accept payment plans. Please email at [email protected] to know more about this and about deadlines.

No returns.