Pearl Gold elizabethan dress


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The first piece of my new era is finally available in the shop!

It’s inspired by Shakespeare in Love and Elizabeth, but with a personal touch. Though inspiration is clearly historical, it doesn’t aim to be an accurate historical reproduction.

I made it from a lovely vintage brocade in a color I would describe as pearl gold. It’s not yellow gold, it has an ivory shine to it, and some yellowish beige undertones.

The bodice is boned in synthetic whalebone and steel at the back, for extra comfort and lightness. The back features handmade eyelets for lacing. I weathered the whole dress, the inspiration this time is a pond in a forest. I can imagine Snowhite wearing this dress after running from the castle. Maybe she’s a court sorceress who’s been exiled in the forest. It features weathering in earth and moss tones, with highlights in glittering gold and copper. The lace on the cuffs and the gauze on the basted in partlet are ombré dyed from pale yellow to moss green. Delicate ouches and glass beads highlight the collar, the neckline and the wrists.

As mentioned before, this is a one of a kind piece. I will not make replicas. Only one is available.


These are the measurements of the garment itself:

bust 90cm

waist 72cm

skirt from the waist 103 (the waist of the dress is slightly lower than the waist of the wearer).

It fits me easily. I am 95cm of bust and 81 of waist today, 162cm tall and the dress fits me. It can fit someone slightly larger and slightly smaller. 5cm more or 5cm less on bust and waist don’t make much of a difference. The skirt however is not very long, so I do not recommend this garment for those taller than 165cm, unless you plan of showing your feet. You can release a few centimeters at the bottom, but you will also need to adjust the weathering accordingly.

The dress features the new printed label reporting the name of the dress and the number of the Unicum series. This is the very first one!

I will not alter this dress before shipping.

The sale is final: purchasing, trying and sending back as if you were buying from amazon will not be possible.