Reinforcement layer for lasercut accessories



By purchasing this listing, you purchase one extra layer for your lasercut accessory. This layer will have the lacing holes the main piece has, but not engravings or cutouts.

It will be especially made to be laced together, with the main piece, so that they behave like one. This will allow your outer piece to withstand more stress.

You can also use this base layer to add your own design touch! Iridescent film, contrasting color paint, marble prints, velvets and brocades… line the reinforcement layer with what suits your character best and make the result even more striking and personal!


You will need to purchase one of this listing for every piece in your set. For example, if you want a set made by vanguards and belts, you will need two. You will find the requirement of the reinforcement layer in the description of the pieces that need it. Masks and crowns, for example, may not require it.