Snowberries dress


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The story

Imagine some eerie piano music in your ears. You’re walking in a forest, a soft snow blanket is below your bare feet, yet you don’t feel any cold. Large snowflakes fluctuate in front of you like white feathers, and when you breath the cold air in your lungs it seems to revive you, instead of freezing you. You hold a basket in your hand, with apples, pomegranates, and pieces of bark and resin with medical properties.

While walking in the depths of the forest, with tree branches intertwined against the white sky, you see a shadow in front of you: you hold your hand in its direction and immediately the snow freezes, like you just stopped time.

What happens next is up to you! Wear this dress to tell the rest of the story.


The dress

Though it feels super soft to the touch, this dress is based on a strong corset foundation. On top of it there are more than 30 meters of hand dyed cheesecloth to form the sleeves and skirt, which I also lined in a non-sheer fabric. The lining of the skirt presents a slit that goes from just above the knee. I covered the bodice in the softest cotton velvet, and closes at the back with hand sewn eyelets and spiral lacing. This provides an extra element of refinement and ensures the dress does not look like an undergarment. The embellishment of the bodice itself is my favorite part: I crocheted an irregular, black chenille cord, which I then applied. I added some ombré glass beads in red and yellow, to create the snowberries.

All the dress looks white in the photos, but is not. I ombré dyed and hand painted both cheesecloth and the velvet to make the colors uniform among them and to give depth and realism to the feel of the snow. Therefore do not expect a dress that will look white in person. It will look mostly white. All the details will translate into better photography, and in photos the dress will look more white than in person.

This dress took inspiration from winter landscapes, and from a dress I really love from Sleepy Hollow, worn in the finale by Miranda Richardson, also inspired by the painting Sidonia Von Bork by Edward Burne-Jones.



In the photos I am wearing the dress myself, and it is also worn by a model with measurements close to mine. I will include both measurements of the dress and of both models.


Models bust measurements: 87- 102cm

Waist measurements: 68-82cm

Height: 160-165cm


The dress can fit a slightly taller person. You can also wear it with wider measurements, by adding a tank top to cover the back gap. Slightly smaller measurements can work as well, and you can add padding to the bust area, if needed.


The inside of the dress measures 66cm at the waist and 84cm at the bust.

Other information

The dress is ready to ship.

I only recommend dry cleaning for this garment.

The bottom hem of the dress is not hemmed and that is to be considered a feature, as the unraveling will make it look even more “true”. Please be careful and lift the skirt when walking on asphalt and rough surfaces.

This is from the UNICUM series. Which means only one of these dresses will exist and I will not make more. So I strongly suggest to get it, if you’re interested!