Stays upgrade for original designs



You fell in love with one of the designs available in the shop, but you find the “good shape stays” part intimidating?

There’s no need. Now I am taking care of making you a pair of stays that will work with the design!

This upgrade is only available for those purchasing an original desing, I am not making this garment for others.


A proper pair of stays?

This is a type of garment I developped over the last three years, and it is a hybrid between 18th century stays and 19th century corsetry. I picked all the elements that make corsetry comfortable and faster to make, but kept all the techniques that make stays good. So it’s the best of both worlds when it comes to haveing a lightweight garment, that takes to me less time to make (and keeps the price down for you), but gives you the shape you love in the garments I make for myself.

The garment will be in cotton coutil, synthetic whalebone boning and spring steel. The eyelets and the edging will be like those for corsets (no tabs/skirts, except for the front pointe, the lower edge will be linear), but the shape will be that of a good pair of stays: until you will tka eit off, no one will see the difference.

The garment will lace like a corset, with reverse bunny ears, to grant you a nicely reduced waist. There will be no front busk, so you will need to open the back lacing to take it off.

Could you see I was not wearing a proper pair of stays underneath the dress I have worn at Fetes Galantes 2024? No! I was wearing the last prototype for this type of garment, which now I make available to you.

The garment you will receive will have the shape of that in the pictures, but not the lace and the embellishment.


Properly fitted

“I have bought the custom design, why does this add more shipping cost?”.

Because I will need at least one mock-up fitting for this garment. Via videocall. And I will need this garment to be finished before you can take the measurements for the mock-up of the final dress. So in the end you will have three parcels shipped to you:

  • stays mock-up
  • dress mock-up
  • final garment

You know I do not believe in made-to-size corsetry. Your body is one of a kind. Like a good bra needs to have different cup and chest measurements combinations, good corsetry needs to take into account that 90cm of bust measurements could be with a large bust and small torso, or a large torso and a small bust. Those two will have very different cut and silhouettes. And with the same bust-chest ratio, you can have one person 155cm tall and one 175cm tall. They will end up in the same place, on a size chart, but giving both of them the same pair of stays will lead to a mediocre result at least for one of them, if not both.

I want the finished dress to be as STUNNING as you are. So we need the proper support garment. And if paniers and faux culs and petticoats and chemises are easily found on etsy, I want to give you the very silhouette I want for myself. I want my work to look good on you. And you to look at your best in it.



It’s easy now to understand why this process will add a few months to the expected deadline for the dress. One more international shipping, finiding a matching time for an other videocall, shipping back… this process does take time.

I also would like to state that I may need a second mock-up fitting. Not always, but sometimes I do.

Why? Because I want to carve out the best possible silhouette out of your body. I strongly believe that a good silhouette is the very first and most necessary feature for a good looking garment. And I strongly desire to give you my top notch work.