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There’s not much to discuss about it: many costumes used in movies and TV shows use corsetry to improve their costumes.


The invisible help under professional costume work

You may not see the lacing on the back, nor the busk at the front. Or they may wear it underneath the outer garment. But it is there. When you see an extra smooth outer finish and a very defined silhouette and waistline, there’s a corset at work!
Game of Thrones and Star Wars prequel trilogy widely used corsets to shape female characters such as Padmé, Sansa, Cersei. Even the kimono-style gowns of the first seasons had stays underneath. You can see it well in dressing up scenes or undressing ones. For Padmé Amidala, you can clearly see the corset in the making of videos. Both the costume designers and actors openly admitted the use of corsetry. In the images you see here, you can see just some of the costumes that require a corset underneath.

These corsets are quite peculiar: they do not have a specific historical shape, nor the shapes of corsets you can easily find online. Moreover those were made to measure for the actresses, ensuring extra comfort. Not something you can get with a pre-made thing.

Something you can use for more than one cosplay

This is why I decided to offer you my ten-year- long corsetry experience and my physiotherapy knowledge, to make you the one foundation garment you will need to cosplay Padmé, Sansa, Cersei or Daenerys, and many more! One garment to rule them all.

For my own cosplays I have developed a pattern with specific proportions and cut, for a corset that can push your costumery to the best.


What you will get from this listing

Purchasing this item you will get a cotton coutil corset. Coutil is a highly specific fabric, used for corsetry since victorian times. I will draft each pattern drafted to your own measurements.The garment will be made according to real victorian techniques and modern ones, using corsetry specific materials.
I will bone it with synthetic whalebone, which is now the standard for museum replicas and restoration of historical pieces. It replicates the actual sturdiness and flexibility that antique corsetry had and that steel boning, wether flat or spiral, will never achieve.
The front will feature a busk and the back will have lacing.
My corsetri is INCREDIBLY LIGHTWEIGHT, THIN, BREATHABLE, unlike most of the pre-made corsetry you can find. Something I studied over the years to grant my own comfort.
The price includes the fitting of one mock-up. This will ensure, via video call, that the garment fits you like a glove, and feels like a hug when worn. My corsets are known for being extremely comfortable and yet to give a nice waistline.


Color, fabrics, upgrades

I will use the color of coutil I have in stock. May be white, may be black, may be nude, may be brocade.
If you want the corset to be nude, to wear under sheer garments, I will have to apply an extra 15 euros cost, to have the new fabric shipped here especially for your corset. If you require a different nude color than the one provided (darker skin tones), I will provide the dyeing service free of charge. This does not apply to other types of custom colors (green, blue, red ecc).
The corset comes smooth and free of embellishments. You can request flossing, lace, trimmings and such via email ([email protected]) before purchasing. I will create a special listing for you.



Crafting time

I need at least three months to make the corset: I draft each pattern just for the customer and is unique. I do not adjust pre-existing patterns, I re-draft the one I developed over all these years starting from your measurements. Then there’s the time needed to schedule the mock-up fitting.

Shipping delays and other delays not depending on me are not included. If you have a deadline, please inquire via email before placing your order.