The Wind from the West hat


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Ideal for your early 1895-ish dress, this hat is really a confection!


Light, but makes a scene.

Hand dyed and hand pleated silk organza, finished with satin and velvet ribbons. The lining is silk, and the brim is see through, like in some fashion plates from the era! Also the peonies at the back help supporting it. Flowers underneath the brim were really popular, and you see them so little in recreations these days!

The top of the hat is covered in hydrangea flowers, in different shades of light purple.

One of a kind piece!


Yes, this wig is for a differne tperiod, for 1908-10ish. You are going to need a wide-ish hairstyle for this hat, which needs to sit on top of your head, horizontal, supported by the right 1895 hairstyle, with a bun or a braid that goes straight into the hat, ready to be pinned through,