Lilac Chemise à la Reine


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A chemise à la reine in Loosely inspired by this fashion plate.

In a world of white chemises à la reine, choose this a s your outfit for summer 18th century events, and you will literally pop out of the crowd.


The dress

Fine, hand dyed wisteria cotton muslin is gathered by delicate inner drawstrings to take your shape. The silk organza neck ruff creates a halo around your face. At the back, the fabric is pleated and sewn to a light base layer, so that the lines create a beautiful shape and enhance the historical silhouette. The front of the dress is slightly curve, so that you can pin it to your stays and add a curved sash to elongate your torso, achieving the most beautiful optical illusion. If you fear that such garment will crop your torso and kill your silhouette, this is not the case.



Adjusts to many sizes with inner drawstrings. Will need a sash. The bows were pinned on and are not included.


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Photos by Cunene and Barbara Cortili