WUNDERKAMMER Ruby- Deposit – 1 model, 1 outfit, 2 final images (total cost 502 euros)




With this listing you’re leaving the deposit to join the next Dreamorphosing event.


Please purchase only after reaching an agreement for the time slot via email.

Email to [email protected] before booking.



The final cost will be 502 euros, you will be asked to complete the payment at a second time, as the second part goes directly to Cunene.

Once purchased, please fill the following form to make your booking effective: FORM

Deposits are non-refundable.

This includes:

– adapting to you the theme you have chosen within the options of the present edition, we will select a dress and accessories according to your measurements, and tailor the subject to you;
– rental of the dress and accessories;
– base makeup service (please contact us if interested in hiring a MUA);
– base hair styling or wig styling service;
– guidance while posing, to always get the best of the experience;
– hours of photo editing;
– small buffet the day of the shooting;
– delivery of the chosen number of images in print-suitable resolution.

Wunderkammer Extras:

-you will have twice the time, two hours. This will allow us to give more attention to every little detail;

– you and your companion (optional) will seat in front of a nice cup of tea, and we’ll talk about you, the imagine you would love to create. This way you will relax and get comfortable. Grimilde will cook something special just for you (which is why we will need to know if you’re bringing someone to accompany you, and your allergies);

​- you will be welcomed by a playlist created just for your character, to get into the character as much as possible;

– Grimilde’s laboratory will be just for us, no one will look at you while posing, except us and your companion. Everything is conceived to make you pose at your best and to allow you to really feel the magic of your character;

​- we will both have time to guide you during the whole process. While normally Cunene is taking photographs, Grimilde is already styling the next customer, so you only have two eyes on you at a time. With the Wunderkammer Experience we will both dedicate out attention to you, during every step of the process;

​- you could have Blu, Grimilde’s whippet, to pose with you. Flashes and studio photography are very stressing for animals, which is why we can’t offer the option to twelve persons during the same day. But he is a very good boy and can pose for two or three sets!

​- with the Wunderkammer Experience you will be offered two styling option to choose one from: we will imagine two full stylings and characters for you, and you will pick the one you like best, instead of picking the type of character only. You can also choose two different creatures for the two options, for example the witch for one and the vampire for the other, as long as you let us know before we start imagining the styling. You will also be able to choose both styling, and pay for the two different makeovers;

​- the Wunderkammer Experience images will be shown to the models before being published. These images will also be the very first to be shared through our social profiles;

​- you will receive a fine art print, 40x30cm large, right at your home. It will be shipped in a lasercut box designed by Grimilde for your own character.

Once purchased, please fill the following form to make your booking effective: FORM

Deposits are non-refundable.