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The price you see here, 200 euros, is the starting price and does not include shipping.



I only accept a couple of types of cosplay wigs. therefore, please feel free to ask, if you have a tv show you like a character from! I usually do not do characters from anime or mangas or shows I do not know. But it’s always worth asking!


Historical wigs

I usually accept requests that allow me some creative freedom. Therefore I won’t do “just like this wig from Marie Antoinette please” (the wigs from the Sophia Coppola are not historically accurate, by the way, except the ones at the end). Obviously the work will be based on a specific year and the desired gender. I will create something I feel fits well with your costume. My goal will be to remain as close as possible to your hair color, unless specified.


Surely in shape and color. I will do all I can to keep the wig to the compromise between functionality and historical accuracy: though pomatum and powder is lovely, it does not withstand how couriers handle packages. Undoubtedly modern products will ensure a more sturdy result.

Historical with a twist

This is the option you may want to choose if you’re going to a theme party, and want to use your historical dress, but make it match with a specific theme. Like…I don’t know: “blue” or “Animals” or “ocean creatures”.


Original GM

Here is where you give me creativity, therefore I will not accept any of these requests, should the last section of the form be less than 7.



What you are sending is a request of commission. Afterwards, I will write back to you and let you know if I have an available slot and if I am interested in accepting the project or if I am currently looking for different commissions.

If we can start, we will discuss further and I will create a listing just for your item.

Placing your order before sending the form and getting my approval will cause cancellation.

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What type of wig are you looking for?
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0 is for something as close as possible to the reference, 10 is "use the reference as idea, but I completely trust you".
Selected Value: 200
Hand ventilated wigs start at 500 euros. The price may be higher if you wish natural hair to be used. Should you wish one of those wigs, please select 1000, and we'll discuss budget further via email.
DAY / MONTH (in letters)/ YEAR. Other formats will not be accepted. Please add "no fixed deadline" in case you do not have one.