Grimilde Malatesta is a small, artisanal, one woman business. Most of the items I produce are one of a kind and are made for the customer.

I am not like Amazon or Ebay, where there’s a warehouse of throusands of items and one doesn’t make a difference. In my business one item has a great value, especially because each and everyone of them is made here, with my hands and my time. Getting a costume, using it for the evening of an event and sending it back after I spent months on it will just not be possible.


I do not accept returns or refund requests. Each sale is final.


I do my very best to describe each item and to measure carefully. I also do my very best to listen to my csutomers and to help whenever things are not matching expectations. So far this has lead to very happy customers, and many returning ones.


I do not respond for damages created by shipping companies or lost items. I do my best to pack and label them, but after the package has lost my laboratory, there is almost nothing I can do to ensure it’s handled properly. If your item got broken or damaged, please let me know within 5 working days from delivery. I will do my best to fix your problem.


Need help?

Contact me at [email protected] for questions related to refunds and returns.