Once you’ll have chosen the option that works best for you among the ones listed below, please use the contact form in the Contact section of this website, or write me on Etsy to start working on your wig!


I’ve been making wigs for some years now, and I’ve made quite a number of the basic styles. And being an artist, I am a bit tired of always making the same three styles. So from now on things are going to change.

This will mostly concern 18th century wigs, but also wigs from other centuries. As long as it’s historical, or historically inspired when it comes to the style.

All wig are commercial front lace wigs, except for special requests (to be used with your own hair combed on top) or full bottom men’s wigs or other wigs with special hairlines to mimic real antique wigs.

Returns are not accepted for any item.

A. Ready to ship

I will make a certain number of ready to ship wigs, according to my taste, style, and mostly what I feel like doing in that moment. Those will have the price of the ones you’ve seen in Etsy before, according to their styling, and they will be ready to ship. In a week you get your wig, more or less. No “I would need this one, but in ginger”, with this option, it’s like it is.


B. Custom options

When you need something you don’t see as ready to ship, it will be considered a custom order, and custom orders will be more expensive and will take from two months to make. Should you need the wig sooner, sometimes rush fees are available (ask before placing your order).


1. Grimilde Malatesta style

The first option is the less expensive custom one. Basically you show me a picture of you and your dress, so I can get an idea of which shapes and colors could work and I choose what to make for you, both style and color. You don’t need the complete dress, a sketch can do.

You can tell me if you want something more extravagant or a classic look and if you want something strictly historical or historically inspired (basically if you’re going to a party or to reenact) but no more. You leave the work in my hand. If you choose the extravagant version, you can end up with a pink pastel wig that will absolutely rock, but not many would be bold enough to wear it, so be prepared for something that could challenge you. I love these.

It’s a bit of a surprise, and you have to like my taste for costumes, but in this way in most cases you get something a bit less usual, something that makes you stand out.


2. Style type and color range agreed

Then there’s the custom wig option. We work together with this one, you choose the type of style and a color range, and I make something within that, always with a bit of personal touch and creativity. With this you can say “I want a brunette wig”, but not “I want a dark brown with copper undertones” or “light strawberry blond with ombré roots”. I will only accept a color range.


3.  Replica

The last one is “I want a wig exactly like the one in this picture”. It’s my least favourite option, and it usually requires more time than the similar one made to my taste. I am a designer and I like to design and create. If there’s little to no creativity involved, it has to be worth my time, from my side. And this means a higher cost. But if you feel you want a very specific type of wig for your costume, in this way youc an be sure. Or if you want a specific color, or to match your real hair color, this is the way. Just remember that I purchase online the wigs to start from, and colors from screen can vary.


C. Specials

Full bottom men’s wig have the same concept behind, but needing two wigs and lining, they have higher costs.

I will also make the super high wigs no longer, unless you find them as ready to ship.

Cosplay wigs are not included in this custom range, unless they’re very similar to some historical styles.



To sum up:

a. Ready to ship (usually from 250 to 300 euros, shipping not included, according to wig length and complexity of the styling)

b. Custom options:

1. Grimilde Malatesta style (extravagant/classic, historical/historically inspired) from 300 euros

2. style type and color range agreed, from 350 euros

3. replica, from 400 euros

c. Specials

Some examples of colours, stles and textures: