Les couleures folles- round gown



A triumph of iridescent silk dupion in a striking palette, where the fabric is allowed to shine and share both its colors to the world.
Something that will make you stand out in every crowd, a dramatic piece that will be the pride of your wardrobe, something you will want to have, once I will have finished making it.
The 18th century having fun with fabric manipulation and distressing, but not to tone down or make the dress more uniform… to make it pop!

It will be made from pure silk dupion in a wide range of colors, and lined in natural fiber fabric, either linen or cotton. As all my historical dresses, it will not feature any visible machine seam. Though it is not strictly suitable for 18th century reenactment, it will truly be the highlight of any other 18th century themed event, be it in Venice, Versailles, or any other place to have fun in historical costumes!

This will be the twin dress to something I will make for myself. The base project is a round gown, but can be updated to a robe anglaise, a robe francaise with shredded bows, or a full formal robe de cour. Each model will be one of a kind and none of them will feature the same palette.

– The round gown is a practical dress: made with a fitted back with a dramatic cut as the anglaise, in this gown dress and petticoat are built in one. This allows to spend less on fabric and highlight the cut. The price for this version is 1000 euros;

– The robe à l’anglaise is a fitted garment that belongs to the second half of the 18th century. The back features either flat sewn pleats or curved seams that adhere to the body of the wearer. the dress continues at the sides and back, while at the petticoat becomes visible and can be embellished as well. This version of the dress costs 1400 euros, including some decoration of the petticoat;

– The robe à la française is the signature garment of the 18th century. Worn over paniers or pocket hoops, it features two double or triple box pleats at the back, while the sides are fitted to the waist before opening on the paniers. The petticoat is usually lavishly embellished. A stomacher closes the front of the dress, and in this case it will be embellished with shredded bows. The price for this style is of 1700 euros;

– the robe de cour is the most formal garment for the 18th century, the court gown. Worn over paniers, it takes its structure from the previous century: the bodice is built like a pair of stays and covered in luxurious fabric. The sleeves are usually covered in gathered lace, which I will replace with gathered contrasting fabric, which will be shredded to give the lightness of lace. This style of dress will cost 2200 euros.

Payment plans are available. For further info, please email me at [email protected]


This time you can contact me and ask for a specific color as the main one. I will accept things as “pink”, “burgundy” or “yellow”. I will not accept very specific requests like “pinkish mauve” or “a very dark jewel like teal” or “warp in orange and weft in brown”. I will adapt the palette to the main color, according to the iridescent colors available at the moment of the order. You can let me know if you wish me to stay away from warmer tones, but sometimes a touch of yellow may make the whole palette pop beautifully, so though I will avoid using it for the most present shades of fabric, I may add just a bit.
I want to be able to play with colors, to make you look like a painter’s palette with a touch of Vivienne Westwood in the 18th century.

Will it fit you?
By purschasing this listing you are purschasing the mock-up service. I will create a mock-up of the bodice to be shipped to you and fitted via videocall. This is not just made to measure: this is bespoke to your unique body.

The prices you see here do not include the undergarments.
You will need a petticoat for all styles described.
You will be needing a pair of stays for all, except the robe de cour.
You will need paniers for both the robe de cour and the française, while rumps will be needed for the anglaise and round gown.

I am willing to create a suitable pair of stays for you, starting at 500 euros. I will add the understructures for 100 euros and the petticoat for 180. I will not consider creating these dresses for grand paniers.

For further info, please email me at [email protected]

Delivery time is at least 6 months from ordering time. 10 months if stays are to be added. Rush orders are not accepted for this project. If you need this for a specific event like Carnevale or Fetes galantes, please write me before placing the order.