Lucy Westenra wig


Front lace wig inspired by the character Lucy Westenra

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This auburn, ginger, copper-like wig is inspired by the character in Bram Stoker’s book: Dracula.

The styling may look simple, if compared to other wigs I offer, but I can assure you it didn’t take less care or time to make the perfect waves. The synthetic hair has been treated to have a natural look; a widow’s peak has been added ventilating the hair by hand to give a more natural look, and the roots have been made darker for the same purpose.

The wig has an ivory front lace. The soft waves have been styled with a mix of vintage techniques to obtain a structured and natural look at the same time.

It’s the perfect wig for a fairytale look: it would make a lovely Lilith, or Eve, or any other character you can wish for.

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