Sour cherries and whipped cream


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This is one other of those dresses which I designed for myself. I ended up choosing other projects, but I still want to see this come to life, wven though I like less girly garments and with a less playful style.

This is delicious and light summer dress, though the shirtwaist can be used with a different skirt and jacket for other seasons as well.

The dress

It will be made of a shirtwaist and a skirt in cotton muslin, embellished with red gauze ribbons. The top can be made in either of the visible versions, one with larger sleeves, one with smaller ones.


How it works

I may make minor changes in the design while working on it, but the final work will be true to the feel of the sketch.

EMAIL BEFORE PURCHASING: [email protected]


You will need to have all the proper undergarments, before we start working on this. This means that you’ll need at least a proper corset for 1890s, and a petticoat. This dress needs to be made over a good silhouette, it is crucial for its success.


I will require at least one mock-up and videocall fitting.

Crafting time depends on the current commissions list. I will need at least 5 months to make this. If you have a deadline, please inquire BEFORE placing your order.


I will not replicate these dress.


For this dress you can take advantage of my Payment plans option.