Summer Dawn cape


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Inspired by 18th century capes, with a modern touch, this cape is the ideal solution to keep yourself worm in winter times, or when arriving at winter events. I made one for myself, for this carnevale 2024, and I loved it so much I had to made three more.

Lined in wool cloth, closed with a hook at the front, with a hidden welt pocket and two comfortable arm slits, this is just perfect to keep you warm in your outfits up to 1860s. Or you can just wear this everyday, or even with later things, if you just want to pack one solution for all.

The extra wide hood can protect even the widest hairstyles.

The outer fabric is a vintage brocade (the price reflecting the silk ones and the synthetic blend one) and the edges are embellished with pleated and hand dyed silk organza, or patterned tulle.


One size only.