The Crimson Priestess


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The dress

This is a dramatic piece that will allow you to keep warm, show your best silhouette and have the eyes of everyone on you.

The base of the garment will be a waist cincher, properly built with all corsetry rules, with a front bush and back lacing. On it, I will create a texture similar to the one created for Game of Thrones, for the white and the white and red fur coats. It will be made from white long pile FAUX fur. I will make the sleeves and the skirt from soft pleated tulle, and the mittens from suede in a deep blood color.


How it works

The PRICE RANGE: can be made for 1600. With 1750 I will include the headdress. euros.

I have some of the supplies I need for this dress. I may also make minor changes in the design while working on it, like beading the texture, a little weathering on the faux fur and things like that.

EMAIL BEFORE PURCHASING: [email protected]


I will require at least one mock-up and videocall fitting.

Crafting time depends on the current commissions list. If you have a deadline, please inquire BEFORE placing your order.


This will be a one of a kind dress which I will not replicate.


For this dress you can take advantage of my Payment plans option.