Tête de mouton wig


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Step into the glamour and sophistication of the 18th century with our exquisite Tête-de-Mouton Wig, inspired by the iconic hairstyles popularized by Madame de Pompadour. This lace front wig brings the elegance of a bygone era right to your doorstep, blending historical looks with modern convenience.


Historical Elegance Meets Modern Comfort

Make yours the iconic style of Madame de Pompadour with this beautifully styled wig, capturing the essence of the middle decades of the 18th century.
Front Lace Construction: For a seamless and natural hairline, ensuring a flawless and realistic look.
Natural Colors: Available in a range of natural shades to complement your skin tone and enhance your authentic appearance. Ideal to look like a painting even when your hair is short or dyed.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of achieving the perfect 18th-century look. With the Tête-de-Mouton Wig, you can shorten your preparation time and enjoy more restful mornings before events: get the perfect hairstyle delivered to your doorstep, ready to use. Wake up later and avoid the hassle of sleeping with curlers. Our wig allows you to look event-ready in minutes

Whether you’re preparing for a historical reenactment, a themed event, or simply wish to channel the elegance of Madame de Pompadour for a photoshoot, the Tête-de-Mouton Wig is the ideal asset for your collection.



Each Tête-de-Mouton Wig is uniquely crafted to feature the distinctive rolls to the front, characteristic of the iconic style, while embracing slight variations to ensure historical accuracy and authenticity. This means no two wigs are exactly alike, giving you a one-of-a-kind piece reminiscent of the 18th century, which will reflect the uniqueness of the style of your gown.

Please note that accessories are not included in the price, but can be requested separately to complete your look.

Styled in historical fashion, each wig is secured with modern products, to ensure it maintains its shape during shipping and offers long-lasting service.


Available colors:
– black
– grey
– chestnut brown
– dark brown
– dark ash blond
– platinum
– golden blond
– auburn

Please add your choice to the order description, or leave empty and send a photo of you to [email protected] to let me choose for you.



Photo, model, dress: Laurie Tavan